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Green Global Technologies is currently seeking companies for a range of partnerships. If your business produces or represents products in one or more of these areas, we would like to speak with you to explore how your enterprise could benefit from our existing line of partner companies and their products.



Civil & Environmental

Storm Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment
Green Global Technologies is currently seeking companies to represent our products and services outside of the United States. If you meet the requirements the requirements below, contact us for more information.

  • Outside the USProjects are located outside the continental US
  • You are a Sales RepresentativeOr distributor, and/or other related business
  • Familiar with Local RegulationsRules, culture, business climate, and have contact with potential buyers
  • Highly MotivatedTo make commission based sales

Ready to Become a Partner?

Contact us about you, your company and location and one of our representatives will contact you with the next steps.